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Meet the Team

Tutor - Emma Brackenbury

Emma is an experienced costume maker for film and theatre, working on productions such as Dr Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, Fantastic Beasts, Tulip Fever, and Artemis Fowl.

She trained at Huddersfield University studying her BA in costume with textiles and later her MA in creative pattern cutting.

Having a specific interest in structured garments and technical details including corsetry, she is happiest when lost in making beautiful creations.

She is currently working as a lecturer in costume construction at the university of Huddersfield on their Costume with Textiles BA.

Emma Brackenbury's headshot. She is looking to the left. She is wearing a black jumper, with black hair that has a white streak at the front. There is a purple bar to the right of her that states her name in a white font. The image states that the Photographer is Chris Chinnock in the bottom right.
  • A person wearing a blood red Stay and matching skirt. She has bright red eye makeup and short blonde hair.

  • A cream dress made by Emma Brackenbury. The model is looking to the right and down at the floor. The dress is golden brown and cream or yellow with beads all over it. The Photographer is Richard Marsden.

  • A photo of a person standing in a bright green field and reaching out to a bush. They are wearing a shite dress and corset, with a band of flowers in their hair. At the bottom it says the photographer is Janey Lazenby.

  • A person wearing a red stripy corset and facing to the right. They have a huge Mohican hair style and there are red lasers behind them. The photographer is Michael Lancaster.

Tutor - Elizabeth Moody - March & June '24

Elizabeth (Beth) Moody has over 14 years of corset making experience. She developed a love of period fashion as a child, playing with her mum’s Victorian dress collection, and was introduced to corsetry by fellow Corset Retreat organiser Niki. A hobby soon became an obsession with Beth turning professional in 2012. Since then, Beth has developed particular skills in plus size and fuller bust corsetry. 

Beth started teaching corset making in 2016 and enjoys passing on her skill set and igniting a love of corsetry in others. 

Beth still has a keen interest in the history of fashion, she is a member of the Guild of Historical Costume Makers and uses her limited spare time to recreate fashions from the past. Alongside this she is mother to two young children and an avid gardener and spends her time fighting the urge to live in a windswept cottage on a Scottish hillside.

Visit Elizabeth’s Website

Beth Moody looking to her right through a window and smiling. They are wearing a cream and lace dress and stood next to a cream curtain.
  • A dark blue and black lit image of a lady wearing a corset and holding a dark umbrella.

  • A curvy lady wearing a cream corset with blue flowers on it. She has dark red hair and is resting her hands on her shoulders.

  • A woman in a bright yellow sun hat is looking into the distance. She has a blue and white flowery corset on and has 2 yellow coy carp swimming around her.

  • A blonde woman is center of the image between 2 pillars. She is wearing a white corset and white dress very high up. It is shot outside with greenery and the sun in the background.

Tutor - Izzy Miners - June '24

Izzy has been embroidering for many years, her passion grew into her business where she creates fantastically detailed brooches and artworks. She also specialises in adorning garments with embroidery, fabric manipulations and other embellishments.

Izzy trained at the university of Huddersfield with a BA in Costume with Textiles, achieving an award for excellence in experimental construction and textiles prize.

She is now a trainee costume maker in both theatre and HETV. She is happiest when exploring colours and form, turning threads into beautiful embroideries and fabrics into wonderful garments. She is skilled in combining her love of costume construction and embellishment to create fantastic garments.

See Izzy’s Instagram for more

Izzy Miners is facing the camera and smiling. She is leaning back on white and blue tiles and is wearing a white strap top.
  • A woman looking at the camera with a serious expression. She is wearing a dark red dress with lots of white and gold embroidery on it. It is inspired by the character Anneshka Mazanar from the book ‘A Clock of Stars’ by Francesca Gibbons.

  • An embroidery Kingfisher. It is in a flying position and has a green fish in it's beak.

  • 2 embroidered blue Whales. They are swimming together, one above the other.

  • An embroidery Octopus. It is orange and has swirling tentacles. It is on a light orange strip of fabric.

Tutor - Ruth Watkin - November '24 - "Stays Edition"

Ruth has been working as a costume maker for over a decade, after training in Theatre Design at Nottingham Trent University. Where she has since frequently returned to, to teach on their Costume Design and Construction course as a principal lecturer. As a freelancer, she has been lucky enough to have had the chance to make costumes for many places including West End theatre shows and film productions for Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime. However, her main passion is for historical costume, and following this she has produced historical reproductions and educational garments for many major museums including Historic Royal Palaces, The Royal Armouries, Historic Scotland, English Heritage and The National Trust.  

Ruth Watkin smiling at the camera. She is wearing a red bowtie in her black hair.
  • A Red Stay on a mannequin. It has bright red bows to tie the shoulder straps with.

  • A black Stay with light blue trimmings around the lower edges and white lace up the front.

  • A Stay being made. It is cream with light blue edging. It is sat on a table and has a blue cotton real next to it.

  • A Stay being made. It is unfolded on a table and is cream with red around the edges. There are scissors, tape and boning on the table too.

Niki Widdowson

Niki provides the admin for the Retreat.

By day, she is the Finance Director of a television production company based in London, but in her spare time she is a keen sewing hobbyist.

Niki has been running events at Skendleby Hall for ten years and is experienced with managing the administration involved.

Niki Widdowson's headshot. She is looking head on to the camera and is wearing a black dress. She has purple and pink hair that is down and long. There is a purple bar to the right of her that states her name in a white font.

Chris Naylor

Chris is the ‘help on hand’ for the Retreat.

He provides general support on organising, session setup and making sure that everyone has what they need.

He is the founder and owner of Bnode Ltd, the digital agency that designed and created The Corsetry Retreat website.

As Emma’s partner he has spent many years in and around costume enthusiasts, learning the lingo and seeing what goes on behind the scenes. A bit of a geek at heart and not afraid of a sewing needle (he made a suit once), his hobbies include gaming and live action roleplay which played a large part in his younger days.

Chris is also the First Aider on site. He has a certificate and everything.

Chris Naylor's headshot. He is looking head on to the camera and is wearing a dark blue shirt with Robots on it. He has blond hair and is smiling. There is a purple bar to the right of him that states his name in a white font.

Caterers - Alex & Ant Preece

Alex and Ant are experienced events caterers who specialise in catering for alternative and larp events, they are able to cater for a whole variety of dietary requirements with ease and consideration, nothing is too awkward for this pair of foodies.

Ant and Alex are facing the screen and smiling. On the left, Alex has blond hair and blue eyes. On the right, Alex had brown hair in a ponytail and a beard.

Caterer - Jackie Cook (June 2024)

Jackie has been an outside event caterer for over 20 years, she is a farmer’s daughter who is passionate about food, fashion, upcycling and classic cars. She runs her business out of a regenerated 1905 co-operative building: stacks of character but with state-of-the-art kitchens. Jackie has the ability to get the best results whatever their event, taking into account seasonality and looking after all dietary requirements.

Jackie Cook is looking towards the camera and smiling. She has blonde hair and is wearing a black and white checked dress with a black, leather waistcoat over it. Behind her is a metal door with shoes hung on it.

Tutor - Jennifer Garside - March & Nov '23

Jennifer Garside is a professional corset maker with over 25 years experience in the industry.

Having owned and run her own specialist corsetry company Wyte Phantom for more than 12 years, Jen can also give advice on starting out on your own business adventure.

She is particularly adept at creating corsets for the more curvy figure and has made corsets for opera singers, burlesque performers and models as well as private clients and weddings.

Visit Jenny’s Etsy Shop

Jennifer Garside's headshot. She is looking head on to the camera and is wearing a black dress. She has her hair pulled back in 2 purple flower buns . There is a purple bar to the right of her that states her name in a white font.
  • A woman facing the camera and wearing a very light blue and white corset and choker. Her hair is black and in a short bob, she is standing in front of an archway with a green tree behind her.

  • A gothic looking woman is facing the camera and wearing a black corset which has a 'bat-like' top to it. She is also wearing suspenders and a large 'halo-like' head piece.

  • A black and white photo of a woman facing the camera and wearing a shiny corset built into a dress. She has long hair with many waves in it.

  • A flat-chested person wearing a dark red corset that is fitted to their body. They have a feather hat and they are wearing makeup. They are standing in front of a stone column that has a light blue curtain showing through a window in the background.

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