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Our 4th event, June 2024

Categories: Previous Events

The Corsetry Retreat

Tutors – Elizabeth Moody, Emma Brackenbury and Izzy Miners

The Corsetry Retreat was held in Skendleby Hall, a beautiful manor house in the Lincolnshire Wolds UK.   

The June 2024 Corsetry Retreat included a full schedule of workshops with experienced tutors, as well as time to relax in the historic surroundings and unwind in the hall’s lounge and game’s rooms.  We also had a massage therapist on hand for a selection of treatments for guests and the team.

Each day focussed on a different skill set.

  • Day one was pattern drafting, giving guests the opportunity to experiment with flat drafting as well as draping on the stand, and to find a method that best suits. We also had an embroidery and embellishment workshop to help elevate the creations to different hights.
  • Day two consisted of toiling and fitting to ensure corset fits perfectly, as well as a second embroidery and embellishment workshop.
  • Day three focused on construction techniques, sampling all the techniques to use, or simply added time to start constructing corsets. 
A woman in a bright yellow sun hat is looking into the distance. She has a blue and white flowery corset on and has 2 yellow coy carp swimming around her.

Around the scheduled workshops Emma and Beth and Izzy were also on hand throughout the day to help troubleshoot existing projects.

Included in the price of the rooms were a private bathroom, four evening meals, three days of workshops, three experienced tutors on hand for guidance throughout, and a swap table for the exchange of materials and embellishments.

In addition, all materials were provided for the workshops including coutil, boning and busks, flossing threads and eyelets.

  • A blonde woman is center of the image between 2 pillars. She is wearing a white corset and white dress very high up. It is shot outside with greenery and the sun in the background.

  • An embroidery Octopus. It is orange and has swirling tentacles. It is on a light orange strip of fabric.

  • An embroidery Kingfisher. It is in a flying position and has a green fish in it's beak.

  • A black and white photo of 2 people facing the camera. 1 is wearing a corset an the other is wearing a Stay. They both have small crowns on their heads and one of them has their hand draped over the other's shoulder from behind.

  • A dark black and red lit image of a person wearing a red stripy corset and facing to the right. They have a huge Mohican hair style. The photographer is Michael Lancaster.

  • A person wearing a black corset with a blood red drape and matching skirt. She has long, wavey blonde hair and is stood in front of a large church doorway.

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