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Tutor - Elizabeth Moody - March & June '24

Elizabeth (Beth) Moody has over 14 years of corset making experience. She developed a love of period fashion as a child, playing with her mum’s Victorian dress collection, and was introduced to corsetry by fellow Corset Retreat organiser Niki. A hobby soon became an obsession with Beth turning professional in 2012. Since then, Beth has developed particular skills in plus size and fuller bust corsetry. 

Beth started teaching corset making in 2016 and enjoys passing on her skill set and igniting a love of corsetry in others. 

Beth still has a keen interest in the history of fashion, she is a member of the Guild of Historical Costume Makers and uses her limited spare time to recreate fashions from the past. Alongside this she is mother to two young children and an avid gardener and spends her time fighting the urge to live in a windswept cottage on a Scottish hillside.

Visit Elizabeth’s Website

Beth Moody looking to her right through a window and smiling. They are wearing a cream and lace dress and stood next to a cream curtain.
  • A dark blue and black lit image of a lady wearing a corset and holding a dark umbrella.

  • A curvy lady wearing a cream corset with blue flowers on it. She has dark red hair and is resting her hands on her shoulders.

  • A woman in a bright yellow sun hat is looking into the distance. She has a blue and white flowery corset on and has 2 yellow coy carp swimming around her.

  • A blonde woman is center of the image between 2 pillars. She is wearing a white corset and white dress very high up. It is shot outside with greenery and the sun in the background.

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